Thursday 04 June 2020 - 10:32 to Tuesday 14 July 2020 - 11:59

Create Syria is a programme by Ettijahat – Independent Culture and the British Council which seeks to increase the capacity of artists to contribute to the development of stronger, more cohesive communities through the design and delivery of community arts initiatives that focus on experience and artistic quality. Create Syria supports individuals and initiatives to build new skills, grow their experience, and network with creative practitioners interested in the relationship between arts and community practices. Create Syria is open to all Syrian artists residing in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and Europe.

Under the title of Home Edition, this third edition of Create Syria will enable artists to develop their technical and artistic skills in community settings through Idea Development Support. This is a new path of support that gives the opportunity for ten artists or creative practitioners to grow their experience and understanding of arts and social change. This strand provides a space for research and practical experimentation to those seeking to develop more mature creative proposals. The support package includes the following components:

  • An online participatory platform for idea sharing and mentorship from local and international experts

  • A package of financial support of up to $6,000 for ten artists to develop ideas and test them experimentally

  • Local and international peer to peer networking opportunities

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic challenges

The world is currently facing a crisis that examines its ability to resist and adapt. This crisis poses real dangers at the level of health and survival and reveals to us the fragility and weakness of existing social and economic protection networks. However, its effects on societies are felt more acutely in contexts where there is an absence of justice, the conditions of a decent life, and the basics of health safety. In spite of this, arts and social change projects remain necessary in order to reflect on the current but also accumulated challenges we are facing in our societies and to confront what may come from them.

Arts producers have always felt that there are many limitations and sensitivities to be aware of when talking about arts and social change. There are assumptions that some art forms are more effective than others in this field, and this edition of Create Syria offers an opportunity to re-examine our assumptions and re-imagine the field and our ways of working across all art forms. This edition also offers a space for reflection and reimagining, and an opportunity to experiment and try new things that we hope can enrich lives and feed imaginations.

Criteria and Selection Process

A committee of arts and culture experts working in the project’s target communities will read and evaluate the eligible applications, in order to choose proposals that will be supported. The committee will favor applications that are most likely to benefit significantly from the programme. The main criteria for selection are: 

Relevance to the objectives of Create Syria

  • The applicant’s understanding of the reality of their local community and their awareness and sensitivity towards community work and artistic practices

  • The level of experimentation and innovation showed in the applicant’s approach to arts and social change

  • The opportunities for local community involvement within the idea presented

Applicant’s or team’s Readiness 

  • The ability of the idea developer to develop his/her proposal
  • The applicant’s willingness and desire to work creatively towards social change in an innovative way
  • The applicant’s willingness to learn from one’s environment and through exchange with others
  • The extent to which the idea developer will benefit from Create Syria

Key dates

  • Deadline for the submission of applications: 15th of July 2020 (23:59 Beirut time)
  • Announcement of results: August 2020
  • Agreements’ signature: October 2020
  • Idea development sessions and artistic mentorship: Between September 2020 and March 2021
  • Final reports submittal: March 2021

After completion, the application form along with the documents listed in it have to be sent to For further information or queries, please email us at the same address.

Please note that the application form should be filled in Arabic only.

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