Digital Steps is in partnership with How to Build Up. It aims at supporting Syrian local peacebuilding initiatives to develop and test innovative methods that increase the impact of their work.


As a response to an emerging need of using technology in building peace to increase the impact and outreach to communities that are most affected by conflict, the British Council has partnered with Build Up to enhance the capacity of Syrian innovators - empowering them through digital skills, knowledge, and networks.

This project is part of an ongoing 35-month collaboration that started in October 2018 and is now in its second phase. Out of a hundred applications received, selected innovators are currently working on various projects and undergoing a rigorous process to refine their idea and integrate a digital element into their work.

The project focuses on providing knowledge and skills to:

  1. Equip local peacebuilders with digital skills and human-centred design processes to deliver peacebuilding initiatives that leverage appropriate technologies.
  2. Accompany local peacebuilding initiatives that create connections, bridge divides and provide alternative narratives for communities.
  3. Mutually increase the understanding of The United Kingdom and the Middle East and North Africa -based practitioners about the role of innovators in peacebuilding. It also creates networks that support local peacebuilding innovators to share experience and extend the reach of their work locally, regionally and internationally.
Three friends browsing the web on an iPad together in a park
Integrating a digital element into the initiatives and ideas of the Syrian innovators ©

British Council

Digital Steps fellows see this project as a "learning-journey" that is guided by mentors to foster a peaceful Syria through technology.’

Our shared vision is to break the isolation for Syrians - wherever they may be - through projects like Digital Steps that empower the next generation of Syria with the required technologies to contribute to local peacebuilding efforts and knit communities closer together.

Download our different scoping studies on innovative peacebuilding in Syria below.