Create Syria III Open Call for Application ©

British Council for Syria

Saturday 07 March 2020 - 21:14 to Tuesday 14 April 2020 - 23:59

Important Announcement 

Dear friends and colleagues,
In light of current events, we are working with our partners Ettijahat - Independent Culture to review our plans for the third edition of the Create Syria. We hope to be able to launch some actions that will respond to the exceptional circumstances and potential implications of the spread of the Corona virus and we will announce the revisions we are making to the current open call for applications very soon. Until then, please remain in the safety of your homes and take some time to think about the arts and the transformative role they can play in our lives. We are all in need of these ideas now more than ever.


 Create Syria is a project by Ettijahat – Independent Culture and the British Council which seeks to increase the capacity of artists to contribute to the development of stronger, more cohesive communities through the design and delivery of community arts initiatives that focus on experience and artistic quality. Create Syria supports individuals and initiatives to build new skills, grow their experience and network with creative practitioners interested in the relationship between arts and community practices.

Create Syria is open to all Syrian artists residing in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and Europe. Artists based in Syria are eligible to apply for Ideas Development Support only.

The third edition of Create Syria will enable artists to develop their technical and artistic skills in community settings through one of two frameworks:

Project Support: This strand will support five projects representing different artistic expressions and creative fields. The support package includes the following components:

  • Tailored training and artistic mentorship from local and international experts
  • Local and international peer-to-peer networking opportunities
  • Seed funding of up to $10,000 USD for each project

Idea Development Support: This is a new path of support that gives the opportunity for five artists or creative practitioners to grow their experience and understanding of arts and social change. This strand provides a space for research and practical experimentation to those seeking to develop more mature creative proposals. The support package includes the following components:     

  • Tailored training and artistic mentorship from local and international experts
  • Residency placements with institutions experienced in community work
  • A package of in-kind and financial support to develop these proposals and test them experimentally


Create Syria has the following objectives:

  • To increase the capacity of artists and community organisations to deliver local artistic projects that have a positive impact within their communities and contribute to greater inclusivity and cohesiveness
  • To champion diversity and participation within communities (of Syrians and non-Syrians) in community arts initiatives that focus on experience and artistic quality
  • To inspire and facilitate networking and collaboration between community-based organisations working in the arts in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and Europe, as well as with the UK and international practitioners

Criteria and Selection Process:

A committee of arts and culture experts working in the project's target communities will read and evaluate applications in two categories: "Project Support" and "Idea Development Support". The committee will favor applications that are most likely to benefit significantly from the programme and which offer the broad social impact of promise to do so in the future.

The main criteria for selection are:

Relevance to the objectives of Create Syria

  • The applicant’s understanding of the reality of their local community and their awareness and sensitivity towards community work and artistic practices
  • The level of experimentation and innovation showed in the applicant’s approach to arts and social change
  • The opportunities for local community involvement within the project or idea presented

Individual or Team Readiness

  • The ability of the project team to implement the project or of the ability of the idea developer to develop his/her proposal
  • The applicant’s willingness and desire to work creatively towards social change in an innovative way
  • The applicant’s willingness to learn from one’s environment and through exchange with others
  • The extent to which the project or idea developer will benefit from Create Syria

For further information or queries, please email us at