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About the project and the training

Digital Steps for Community Resilience is a project being implemented in Syria and Yemen. It aims to use technology to overcome geographic constraints and traditional identities that are currently shaping human relations.

This project will enhance young people’s knowledge and understanding of gender equality and gender responsive programming and improve their management skills. 

Through this training, media actors - who applied for this opportunity - will learn how to identify and challenge gender inequalities and increase understanding of how this intersects with other inequalities.

How the training works

The training consists of four videos, that you will need to watch in the order that we have outlined below. Once you are done watching the videos, you will take two short quizzes.

By scoring 70/100 or higher on both quizzes, you will receive a certificate of completion, and you will be eligble to move to the next step, which is applying for grants.

Video sequence

  1. Legal Framework Gender in Syria - Click to watch on Youtube
  2. Gender and Diversity - Click to watch on Youtube
  3. Gender Analysis and Integration - Click to watch on Youtube
  4. Project Cycle Management - Click to watch on Youtube

Once you are done watching the videos, and feel confident enough to test your newly-acquired knowledge, click on the 'Take quiz' button to take the first quiz. Upon completion of the first quiz, you will receive a link to the second one.

Take quiz