The British Council & Build Up are pleased to announce the commencement of the grants application process within the Digital steps for community resilience project.


In order to be eligible to apply for a grant of up to 10.000 USD, you will need to:

Evaluation criteria

Applications for grants will be evaluated based on the following criteria:  

  • Proposed project addresses emerging needs and contextual challenges to community resilience within the Syrian or Yemen context while devising tangible solutions for those needs.
  • Your application demonstrates knowledge of the peacebuilding and gender dynamics, as well as the ability to link to ongoing processes and stakeholders, and/or to harness violence, radicalization, and extremism while promoting human rights values in the proposed intervention.
  • Your application demonstrates that a space for dialogue can be created, and that greater connections can be made between community members themselves or across divided communities, as well as between community members and authorities, as a result of your submitted project.
  • Your project uses digital media to promote gender equality, build peace, promote values, and/or foster space for dialogue to amplify local stories, combat misinformation, or advocate for local issues.
  • The project is small-scale in nature, with a maximum budget of USD 10,000.
  • The project’s specific goals are clearly identified and measurable.
  • The project is environmentally friendly and causes no harm to the ecosystem.
  • 50% of the beneficiaries of your project should be women.

Applicants who will be considered should have no adherence to or affiliations with violent ideologies or antagonism against any particular country, culture, religion or belief system, ethnic group, gender.

How to apply

Download the proposal, workplan, and budget forms from the download section below, and fill them out. Once you are ready to apply, send them in an email message to, before the deadline - 7 March 2023 (23:59 GMT+2).

If you have any questions, please check the Frequently Asked Questions document, available below.


Date Milestone/Event
14 February 2023
Call for grant applications opens
26 February 2023 Closing date of Build Up & British Council courses/trainings
7 March 2023 Closing date (Deadline) - for grant applications
21 March 2023
Results announcement
27 March 2023 Meeting with selected grantees to explain grant & mentorship plan and further steps
1 May 2023 Kick off date - Grant project and mentorship 
30 October 2023
Closing date - Grant projects
15 November 2023 Virtual exchange for all participants

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