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About Masarat Grants Programme: 

  • At a time of significant challenge for artists and the cultural sector globally, the British Council remains committed to supporting the development of diverse and creative expression and mutual cultural exchange between the UK and the rest of the world.  
  • The Masarat Grants programme seeks to respond to the needs of artists and cultural practitioners in Iraq, Jordan Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Yemen, providing financial support to enable continued production and project work in very difficult circumstances.   
  • Masarat aims to strengthen artistic practice through supporting production, training and showcasing activities. Selected grantees are also given opportunities to build their professional networks and make new connections with the UK and the Arab world. 
  • Masarat grantees have been awarded grants ranging from 4000 to 10,000 GBP in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Yemen. This grant programme is designed to support the professional development of emerging artists, creatives and cultural practitioners in the region. 

A total of 21 projects have received grants to implement their projects in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Yemen by October 2021. 

Discover the projects happening in Syria: 

“The Expressive Body” Project

“The Expressive Body” project stems from a need among young artists and practitioners to be more conscious of their physical and emotional capabilities, and more resilient mentally. Leish Troupe, an independent Physical Theater group from Damascus, seeks to develop the capacities of contemporary performing artists to express themselves in their own language and improve their collaboration skills. 

Through “The Expressive Body” project which comprises a series of workshops, Leish Troupe seeks to develop knowledge, awareness and understanding of the body’s expressive potential to develop and create art experiences that build an active relationship with the audience in live performances. 

“If we just become more conscious of our bodies and more flexible with our mind, we develop the emotional intelligence we need as artist to grant us the freedom to connect and influence the society around us more deeply.” 

Leish Troupe Team


This project targets fresh graduates from art institutions across Syria, as well as youth cultural and art practitioners and performers from various disciplines.



“Syrian Film Institute” Project


After conducting a study in Northeast Syria, the Syrian Film Institute - a team of Syrian filmmakers, directors, and producers - realised that although there is an abundance of photography and audio equipment in the region, there is a lack in the technical skills required to operate them.


The Syrian Film Institute team will conduct a series of workshops in Syria around the fundamentals of documentary filmmaking in theory and practice.  These workshops will be led by professionals in the field and target young filmmakers, preparing them with the necessary technical knowledge needed to independently narrate and depict the reality around them.


This project aims to provide new opportunities for filmmakers to enter the world of documentary film, and over time, give space for capturing more stories worth telling through film.

“Life is full of stories, and the best way to express these journeys is through film.” 

Syrian Film Institute team



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