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As the world changes rapidly, teaching has to keep up. Evidence shows that teaching quality is the key to better learning. Conventional approaches to teacher development have proved to be no longer resourceful, and if we want learners to reach their potential we need to invest in the systems and environments that allow teachers to reach theirs.  Our approach to teacher development is called ‘Teaching for Success’ and it provides needs-based teacher training through innovative and digital delivery modalities with participatory and user-friendly platforms.

This programme also creates online communities of practice for Syrian teachers for knowledge exchange and peer to peer learning to communicate and break the isolation. It aims at improving the quality of teaching in Syria and fostering peer support and reflective teaching practices.

The programme has two main components:

  • Online training on the methodology of teaching (both for English and all subject teachers)
  • Online training on action research (both for English and all subject teachers)

The British Council remains committed to supporting Syrian teachers' education and development, ensuring that everything is flexible, measurable and sustainable. “Teaching for Success” programme has targeted 100 teachers across Syria so far and will provide training and mentorship over six months to improve their capacity in delivering quality teaching using learner-centered pedagogies. It will also equip them with action research skills to enable them to identify problems in their classrooms or contexts and develop solutions for them.



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