A theatre training project on the techniques and mechanisms of work in interactive theatre, this project has worked with a group of trainers and actors who have experience in training children in performing arts.  The project provided this group with additional training and experience in interactive theatre.  This was then followed up by working with 100 children in a number of Syrian camps and Lebanese neighbourhood schools, using these techniques to help build the children’s skills in overcoming some of the problems and obstacles that they face in the societies they live in. This is done through sharing ideas through the use of folkloric tales and traditional simple frames which they play out with each other, ending with an interactive show between the trainers and the children.

The project focuses on fairytales due to the important role they can play in enriching the imagination, as well as the many social values they teach to children. It is hoped that the project will help these young people to extract themselves from difficult situations and support them in developing their emotional and metal capacities and was developed in line with Einstein’s famous statement that imagination is greater than knowledge because it is the creator. 

This project was designed and led by Chadi Marraksh