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The EU-funded LASER project is opening 200 places for Syrians and Jordanians to study for two years face-to-face at Khawarizmi College in Jordan.  These courses are full time technical and vocational diplomas, and are open to new applicants that are:

• Between 18-30 on October 1st 2018
• Syrian with a valid UNHCR card, or Jordanian and a recipient of the National Aid Fund (NAF)
• Have a stamped tawjihi certificate with a minimum score of 50% for the technical diploma, or have a stamped certification of failure on the tawjihi for the vocational diploma

For applicants already enrolled on the LASER programme with Amity University or Open University the age and UNHCR card / NAF criteria are not applicable.
The scholarship will cover the cost of tuition fees, registration fees, books and transportation
In order to apply, students will need to complete an application form from
For further information, please contact: 06 550 1600 (Please make sure to ask for LASER scholarship to be directed to the right person)

The criteria for selection are:

Administrative criteria

a. Recognised Syrian refugee status or Jordanian recipient of National Assistance Fund:  Candidates must have documented proof of NAF assistance or UNHCR refugee status.

b. Age: Candidates will need to be between the ages of 18-30 on 1st October 2018 (exceptions can be granted for students who are already enrolled onto higher education scholarships in  LASER.) 

c. Priority will be given to students that have not received a previous higher education scholarship:  Either through the EU or another donor (with exceptions for participants on the LASER programme higher education component)

d. Evidence of tawjihi examination: Candidates for the Technical Diploma will need to score at least 50% in tawjihi as a minimum entry requirement, while candidates for the vocational diplomas will need to evidence of failure in the tawjihi.

e. Previous engagement with the LASER programme: Priority will be given to students who had previously enrolled into the LASER programme (higher education component) with Amity and Open University

Primary criteria

f. Performance in tawjihi examination: The student will need to provide evidence of academic performance in either the Jordanian / Syrian tawjihi examination.  Assessments of the candidates suitability for the scholarship will be based on academic performance, with students that have greater attainment in the tawjihi given preference. 

g. Level of educational attainment: Priority will be given to students who have either not entered higher education at any level previously, or to students who had entered higher education previously but had not been able to complete their studies.

Secondary criteria

h. Commitment to complete academic study: Candidates will demonstrate commitment to completing their 2-years of academic study by ensuring they have time to commit to study

i. Gender equality: Selection will aim to achieve a balance between scholarships awarded to male and female applicants.

j. Persons with specific needs:  Special consideration will be given to students that have a disability, long term health issues, supported by medical records.

k. Camp-based versus urban refugees: Special consideration will be given to students from the refugee camps in Jordan to ensure a ratio similar to the population.  Students will need to be able to obtain a permit to leave the camp, and the British Council will assist with this process.