When I found the LASER scholarship, I was mostly searching for scholarships outside of Jordan because I couldn't register for a BA here, but I wasn't having any success with my applications. I was also living alone and facing difficulties at home.  I volunteered with more than one organisation but had a goal to finish my master’s degree. 

When I joined the LASER programme, online learning was new to me. I faced several challenges like the language, using the Internet, and not having a laptop. I got used to it though, and what I liked was the flexibility to study at any time. However, what I liked most about LASER was the determination of the employees from the beginning to make it a successful project. It was also the first project involving English courses, and these courses changed my life.

The project allowed me to do my BA, it also introduced me to many friends, and helped me get more organised in dealing with life and family crises. I learned so much, but most of all it helped me achieve my dream and gave me the skills I needed to deal with others and work efficiently. My message to everyone is ‘when you face challenges, do not despair; there are always new opportunities and the future depends on you.’

Bilal Mohamad Alfarra is Syrian and holds a BSc in Computer Applications.

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