I first heard about the LASER project through a Facebook page. I had intended to continue my studies in Turkey, but unfortunately, there was no equivalency available for my certificates to be able to enter university there.  When I first heard about the scholarships, I was mainly interested in the English language component of the programme.  This changed after joining the programme and I became keen to study at the university. 

The key thing about the English courses for me was that they weren’t General English courses but rather they were academic English courses which focused on academic materials and improving academic skills.

Studying online was important for me since it gave me the flexibility to study without having the necessary certification to enter the courses.  During my studies, I volunteered to be a co-facilitator which helped me develop further skills beyond my study skills.  The online study helped me to improve my skills in self-learning, it was difficult at the beginning but I think this will prepare me for more complicated studies.  I would advise everyone to keep searching for opportunities to continue their education as they are crucial in your life.   

Rawan Al Ahmad is Syrian and holds a BSc in Natural Science.


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